A'Beckett Drainage Construction Complete

Works to prevent Inverloch’s A’Beckett Street from flooding during storms and heavy rain were completed last week.

Only minor reinstatement works are to be finalised after a new diversion stormwater drain was laid across The Esplanade from a gross pollutant trap next to Inverloch Marine.

Bass Coast Shire Council’s Acting Infrastructure Director, Jamie Sutherland, said the project would help overcome recurrent flooding problems within A’Beckett Street.

“Local community and business owners will benefit from a new underground drainage infrastructure that will help carry more stormwater during any heavy and persistent rains,” Mr Sutherland said.

“Future works will also be needed from The Esplanade to A’Beckett Street towards Reilly Street.”

Mr Sutherland said the works were completed with minimal disruption to local business and traffic.

“The works ran smoothly with a well-planned schedule and good traffic control measures,” Mr Sutherland said.

“We would like to thank local business owners for their cooperation, and also all road users for adhering to traffic control measures during the construction works.”