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Art celebrations continue


The month long celebration of the arts in Bass Coast may be half way through already, but there’s still plenty to do and see in the second half of May.

As part of Come and Play All of May, there are events and activities being held every weekend, including learning about photographs in motion and nautical knows in Cowes; learning to draw wildlife art with an expert in Newhaven; making jewellery at San Remo; fusing glass in Anderson; or joining in on a group painting in Inverloch.

This is just a taste – there are also bus tours and driving tours you can embark on yourself of many studios and galleries.

Pavement artist, Ulla Taylor, is planning her Screever work (chalk and fresco) in Newhaven during the week of 22 to 29 May. She will be creating a work inspired by birds and rocks pools that will have a three dimensional effect.

Ulla is inviting the community and visitors to come and watch her work at the basketball courts at Graydens Reserve or, if the wet weather continues, under cover near the shops just a short walk away.

She will also be working with Newhaven Primary School students during the week.

To see everything that is happening, as well as gallery locations, pick up a brochure from Bass Coast Shire Council’s Customer Service Centres, Visitor Information Centres or online at