Bass Coast,

Back to school, back to 40km

Bass Coast Shire Council and Victoria Police are urging community members and parents to be safe when driving around schools in Bass Coast.

“With local children returning to school this week we are encouraging all drivers to pay special attention around schools during drop-off and pick-up times,” Bass Coast Highway Patrol’s Sergeant Jason Hullick said

Drivers are reminded that when approaching school crossings, they should slow down to 40 km/h or less, watch for children and remember not to stop too close to the crossing.

The crossing must be completely vacated of all pedestrians before proceeding.

Council’s General Manager Healthy Communities, David Elder, said it is really important crossing supervisors have a clear field of vision in all directions around their crossing so they can spot approaching children and vehicles as soon as possible.

“Because children are often very small, cars parked or stopped too close to crossings can completely obscure them from the view of supervisors and drivers,” Mr Elder said.

“Coupled with children’s limited ability to identify danger, this can create a very hazardous situation.”

It is also very important that drivers and pedestrians watch for and obey the instructions of the School Crossing Supervisor.

Council and Victoria Police will be monitoring school crossings and driver behaviour generally around schools in coming weeks to promote safer behaviour around schools, particularly during drop-off and pick-up times.