Bass Coast,

Bass Coast Shire Council Briefs - December Ordinary Meeting

Bass Coast Shire Council will work with key stakeholders to secure funding to commission an independent Economic Impact Statement on the potential effects on Phillip Island of the proposed development of the Port of Hastings. The motion was passed unanimously.

Bass Coast Shire Council will consider a differential rate for the farming sector within Bass Coast as part of the 2014/15 Rating Strategy. The motion was moved following a Victorian Coalition Government review of local government differential rating powers earlier this year.

A motion to prevent Kallay Drive in Pioneer Bay from being returned to a crushed rock surface was defeated at Wednesday’s Council meeting. The motion was moved to continue with current maintenance practices until the improvement of the area through an urban and drainage upgrade program, funded through a special charge scheme, could be done. In voting against the motion, Councillors considered the significant costs of re-spraying the road surface and the fact that the seal would not last given the condition of the road’s subsurface.