Bass Coast,

Bass Valley grows thanks to grants

Bass Coast Shire Council has awarded another 21 projects funding totalling $23,662 in Round 2 of Council’s Community Grants Program for 2015/16.

Community groups and organisations were awarded their grant certificates at a special presentation at the Rhyll Hall on Tuesday evening.

A wide variety of projects were supported by grants, including the Corinella Floral Art Show and Fair, planning for a clubhouse extension for the Phillip Island Croquet Club and tents for Gippsland Beef Education’s camp participants.

Having completed a number of projects thanks to Community Grants, Bass Valley Community Group also received a grant to purchase a new photocopier.

Group Centre Manager, Roderick McIvor, said over the last two years, Bass Valley Community Group has been successful in getting several grants that have assisted upgrades to the Centre and its services, including grants for a new shed, production of banners, solar panels and gravel for the carpark.

“We recently got our new banners so that when we have fundraisers, such as selling raffle tickets, we can be sitting at the supermarket or at the servo and have these banners up so people immediately know who we are, and it makes a big difference,” Mr McIvor said.

“We received a grant for some solar panels, which will be very good because most of our power is used during the day, so we’ll definitely benefit from that and we also got another one to cover the cost of a 10 year plan to look at our maintenance requirements.”

The Group was also able to regravel its driveway and carpark in one weekend thanks to a Community Grant and labour provided by Corrections, which Mr McIvor said was “fantastic”.

“Community Grants have been really good not only because it’s money we would have to fundraise otherwise, but also because of the variety of projects that we’ve been able to access, so we are very grateful.”

Leadbeater Ward Councillor, Clare Le Serve, said after 30 years of working with the community group at Bass Valley Community Centre, it’s great to see them still tapping into Council’s Community Grants.

“Each of the projects that they’ve successfully applied for adds value to the Community Centre and aids the volunteers and their fundraising,” Cr Le Serve said.