Coronet Bay,

Bronze Yarns - The Children's Stories


Bass Valley Primary School students’ creative flair will soon be on display for all to see after they worked with artist David Murphy on the public art project, Bronze Yarns, which will be installed on the Coronet Bay Foreshore Reserve by mid-December.

Bass Coast Shire Council’s Arts Officer, Josephine Kent, said David had also worked with the community to come up with five stories to inspire the creation of small, bronze statues that will be placed on tables and benches around the Reserve.

David, however, needed something very special for the final addition to the project.

“The sixth and final part of the project will be the Children’s Stories, which will be featured on granite rocks,” Josephine said.

“David has asked the students to make something that represents a story or experience they have had in or around the foreshore at Coronet Bay.”

David said students will create their images in wax before they are captured in bronze.

“I want them to get a taste of what it is like to become entranced in the making process before they get to see the finished bronze sculpture,” he said.