Coronet Bay,

Bronze Yarns At Coronet Bay


The stories of Coronet Bay locals will soon be captured not only in time, but in bronze on the foreshore reserve.

Bass Coast Shire Council and the Public Art Reference Committee (PARC) have commissioned artist, David Murphy from Down Street Studios, for his concept Bronze Yarns.

David will be working with the community to gather local stories, which will be rendered into six site specific bronze culptures. Five of these will be made up of a number of objects cast from life and carefully composed to sit on a particular picnic table or bench whilst still leaving room to sit and eat around. Key snippets of text will be incorporated on the base plates while the objects will evoke deeper layers of the stories.

The sixth installment will be a collection of small, bronze sculptures created by local children themed around stories about Coronet Bay, arranged on granite stones at the north end of the reserve.

 “Moving through the reserve and experiencing all the works, visitors will experience a poetic sense of place, its history and insights into the stories of the local community and the local community itself,” David said.

“They could be fishing yarns, funny anecdotes, tragic tales or historic events that can then be represented as a series of telling objects.

 “We are looking forward to hearing from any members of the Coronet Bay community who would like to share a story with us about the area. It could be one of your yarns that gets immortalised in bronze and tells its story to visitors and locals alike for years to come.

“I am very excited to meet and work with the Coronet Bay community and hope to have the works completed by November this year.”

A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, David has done over 14 public art pieces and now specialises in large-scale public works of art with a number of permanent sculptures around Melbourne.

Bronze Yarns will be the second major public art project by Council, following the installation of Harmony bells and sculptured seats at the Cowes Town Square.

Council has been working with the Coronet Bay community since November 2012 to agree on sites, concepts and themes.

The aim of public art is to increase the vitality and richness of community experiences and contribute to a greater understanding of the area.

If any Coronet Bay residents are interested in sharing their story for a sculpture, contact David Murphy by writing to 15 Lakes Drive, Newport, 3015 or, or call 0409 148 569 by Friday, 2 August.