Colourful Display Here To Stay

After receiving positive comments from community members on the colourful displays in Thompson Avenue’s roundabouts in Cowes, Bass Coast Shire Council will continue the annual plantings.

Council’s Infrastructure Director, Felicity Sist, said the colourful petunias were first planted in response to the community asking for more colour in the roundabouts.

“We have received a lot of feedback with the vast majority giving positive comments on the colourful annual displays,” Ms Sist said.

“While our staff have been working on the roundabouts they have also received an overwhelming number of positive comments.”

Designs for the next round of plantings have now been completed, with plans to plant blue, red, white and yellow pansies.

The colours will be separated into quarters and roated at each roundabout to display a different colour scheme.

“The plants that are in at the moment should last until Easter and we will plant the new annuals around the second week of May,” Ms Sist said.