Community Satisfaction Identifies Areas For Improvement

Bass Coast Shire Council will use the results of the 2014 Community Satisfaction Survey as one input to the program of service reviews that will be undertaken over the next three years.

The 2014 Survey identified opportunities to improve performance in areas such as Community Consultation, Advocacy, Customer Service, and Overall Council Direction-making.

Mayor, Cr Neil Rankine, said the results provided a good indication of where Council should focus its improvement efforts over the next couple of years.

“The results can be attributed in part to several controversial matters in recent times, including the issues around dog restrictions on beaches, and increased activity from the Phillip Island stand alone movement,” Cr Rankine said.

“Council and our new CEO, Paul Buckley, have already instigated improvements to several areas of concern, including consultation and engagement, lobbying and informing the community.

“A full analysis of the report will be carried out to identify how Council can better engage with all sectors of the community to better understand their concerns and priorities, and to work with the community to deliver good outcomes.” Cr Rankine said.

 An overview of Council’s results:

  • In 2014, Bass Coast Shire Council residents scored Council’s overall performance below both the state-wide and Large Rural Shires averages.
  • Residents reporting some level of contact with Council in the last 12 months scored Bass Coast similarly to other Large Rural Shires, but below the state-wide average.
  • On overall council direction, Council’s 2014 score is below the state-wide and Large Rural Shires average. However, Grantville residents rate Council’s overall direction higher than the State-wide average.
  • Council scores in relation to consultation and advocacy are below the state-wide and Large Rural Shires averages for these measures.
  • Bass Coast does outperform other Large Rural Shires when it comes to business and community development and tourism.
  • Council performs best on art centres and libraries. By contrast, Council’s worst performing service area is the condition of sealed roads.