Phillip Island,

Council Agrees To Work With Progress Association

Bass Coast Shire Council has given in principle support to an independent review of Council’s service provision in the Shire.

Whilst the Council has not agreed to support a request to the State Government for an independent municipal review of the Bass Coast Shire as requested by the Phillip Island Progress Association, it has agreed in principle to “an independent review of Council’s service provision in Bass Coast Shire”.

The objectives of the proposed review are:

  1. To explore the concerns of some residents and ratepayers on Phillip Island and investigate relative access to Council provided sevices on Phillip Island in comparison to the rest of Bass Coast Shire; and
  2. To compare how services and infrastructure are provided in relation to Council’s strategic objectives.

Commencement of the review is subject to a range of conditions including the development of appropriate terms of reference guided by advice from the State Government and consultation with the community.

The decision is also dependent on agreement from the State Government to fund the review.

Mayor, Neil Rankine, said that, whilst the Council resolution was not exactly what the Phillip Island Progress Association had requested, the proposed review would provide important information to inform debate about the future governance arrangements for Bass Coast Shire.

Prior to giving in principle agreement to the proposed review, Council resolved to request the Phillip Island Progress Association to provide further clarification and detail in relation to the concerns the Association has with Council’s performance and, once such information has been provided, to meet with the Association to discuss those concerns.

“Upon receipt of this information, Council will invite PIPA to meet with Councillors to discuss these concerns, and within the following two months, a report will be presented to Council outlining these concerns and our options for addressing them,” Cr Rankine said.

“Whilst the processes agreed to by Council may take some months to complete, the decisions taken last night demonstrate a willingness and genuine commitment by the Council to engage with the Progress Association to understand and address the concerns that the group has,” Cr Rankine continued.