Bass Coast,

Council asking for community feedback

Bass Coast Shire Council is seeking community feedback on a number of draft documents following the November Council meeting.

Drafts of the Sports and Active Recreation Needs Assessment (SARNA), natural Environment Sustainability Strategy 2016-2026 (NESS) and Economic Development Strategy 2015-2020 will be released for community consultation before being presented back to Council for adoption.

“In order to get our plans right we require the response and direction of the community we are here to serve. Our Communications and Engagement Strategy emphasises the value of a wide cross section of input and participation in policy development,” Bass Coast Mayor, Cr Jordan Crugnale said.

“This is a call out for comment, feedback, direction and constructive critiquing for all of the draft strategies and assessments on exhibition.”

Sports and Active Recreation Needs Assessment

Council undertook SARNA to map the current state of play in the Shire and has asked all sporting and recreation clubs or individuals to review the draft.

The project has provided a clear picture of participation, facilities and locations in order to identify future needs and demands for our community, with key findings broken into three areas; Sport, Active Recreation and Facilities.

There are also sports specific areas and recommendations making it easy for local clubs to follow.

“There is a huge social value in all recreational activities and by undertaking this planning, it helps Council secure grants and develop private partnerships to deliver quality facilities and programs throughout the Shire,” Cr Crugnale said.

Natural Environment Sustainability Strategy

The draft NESS is Council’s commitment to rehabilitate, restore and enhance the natural environment across the Bass Coast for the next 10 years.

This plan will provide the opportunity for Council to demonstrate leadership for the community, a clear strategic approach, continuity of service delivery, and long term financial planning and investment of resources.

“The purpose of this plan is to formally articulate our commitment to building the ecological resilience and strengthening our environmental partnerships here in Bass Coast,” Cr Crugnale said.

“We want this plan to provide a clear strategic direction with measureable outputs and quality environmental outcomes for future generations.

“It is important that interested organisations and individuals fully participate in the workshops, focus groups and information sessions that will happen over the next four to six weeks.”

Economic Development Strategy 2015-2020

The draft Economic Development Strategy outlines Council’s vision for economic development for the Shire and identifies key activities to enhance the prosperity of Bass Coast.

The consultation period will also provide Council with the opportunity to gain feedback from key stakeholders, such as local businesses, potential investors and tourism associations, as well as the local community.

All three draft strategies and details on how to provide feedback can be found online at