Bass Coast,

Council Determines LSIO Position

Bass Coast Shire Council has responded to the concerns of the community by adopting a position that makes a number of changes to Amendment C82 to the Bass Coast Planning Scheme.

Council’s position on Amendment C82 will now be presented in a submission to an independent Planning Panel.

This amendment proposes to apply the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO) across areas in the municipality that have been identified as being at risk of inundation from recent flooding research.

Whilst on exhibition, Council received 140 submissions, made up of 128 objections, four neutral submissions and eight submissions of support.

One of the proposed changes to Council’s position regarding Amendment C82 includes Council now seeking direction from the planning panel regarding the suitability of planning for sea level rise by 0.8m by the year 2100, or by 0.2m by 2040 for infill development areas.

“We put out an amendment with 0.8m sea level rise by 2100 based on the state planning policy; however we had a number of submissions questioning that figure,” Council’s Acting Planning and Environment Director, Jodi Kennedy, said.

“Through the independent planning panel and the experts that will be around the table, we can have a transparent and open debate and discussion and gain independent advice for what is proposed.

“Council would like to seek the direction of the experts in this field and determine what should be in the planning scheme.”

Next steps

18 August 2014 – The Planning Panel Directions Hearing will be held. This is a procedural meeting to discuss process, timetabling, and to explain the Panel process to submitters.

6 October 2014 (approx.) – The Planning Panel will commence hearings to consider submissions – all submitters will have the opportunity to present to the Panel.

End of November (approx.) – The Planning Panel will issue a report that will make recommendations to Council regarding the proposed amendment.

Early 2015 (approx.) – Council will formally consider the recommendations of the Panel and make a decision in relation to the amendment – Options for Council include:

  • Accept the Panel’s recommendations
  • Accept some of the Panel’s recommendations with changes
  • Reject the Panel’s recommendations

Mid 2015 (approx.) – Council must seek the Minister for Planning’s approval of Council’s decision regarding Amendment C82.