Bass Coast,

Council Gives Go Ahead For Planning Scheme Amendment

Bass Coast Shire Council made the decision to endorse Amendment C82 at last night’s Ordinary Meeting. This is the first step in the process to seek a planning scheme amendment from the Minister for Planning.

The purpose of the proposed amendment is to extend the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO) to reflect current data regarding the impacts of riverine flooding and coastal inundation.

New mapping based on data received from relevant water catchment authorities shows areas affected ranging from Jam Jerrup to Corinella, land surrounding Bass River, Newhaven, Cowes and Silverleaves, and land surrounding Powlett River, Inverloch and Mahers Landing.

Council’s Planning and Environment Director, Hannah Duncan-Jones, said it was important to note that the proposed amendment will not necessarily preclude development.

“It will merely provide the necessary planning controls for new developments to ensure that Council are making considered and fully informed planning decisions,” Ms Duncan-Jones said.

“It may also provide opportunities for better design outcomes that are responsive to riverine flooding or coastal inundation impacts. Through careful planning and application of appropriate controls, flood risks to life, property, infrastructure and the environment can be avoided or minimised.”

The overlay will introduce permit requirement where it doesn’t currently exist for land use intensification, buildings and works, earthworks and subdivision.

Councillors agreed the motion was important as Council has a duty of care to ensure the community is well informed of what implications may affect them when wanting to build or develop.

Council will now seek authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare Planning Scheme Amendment C82.

Once prepared, the planning scheme amendment will be on exhibition in the near future and community members will be invited to make submissions to Council. There will be opportunities for community consultation and detailed maps made available.