Bass Coast,

Council Hosts Telecommunications Forum

Frustrated with mobile black spots across the region and uncertainty about timeframes for the national NBN rollout, Bass Coast Shire Council recently met with local business owners to discuss their telecommunication needs.

Seventeen local business operators, consultants working in the online field and Council representatives attended the forum to hear from Optus, Telstra and Vertel staff.

Each company addressed topics including:

  • technologies implemented in other government/business settings;
  • overview of the types of services including costs and operations;
  • support available for implementation and maintenance;
  • strategies to address mobile black spots and an update of 3G and 4G services;
  • services to assist remote workers and those needing access in the field; and
  • opportunities to implement publicly accessible Wi-Fi in town centres across Bass Coast.

Cr Clare Le Serve attended the forum to hear about service providers’ plans for improving internet speeds and reliability and addressing mobile black spots across Bass Coast.

“It was a really informative session and the local businesses operators that attended are now well placed to make decisions about which carrier offers the best deal for them,” Cr Le Serve said.

“Those present appreciated the opportunity to hear directly from the telecommunications providers. It became clear the closer we work with the companies to inform them of our needs and difficulties, the more likely we are to get effective resolution.

“Council is also keen to establish free Wi-Fi in all the main business centres across the Shire. This was another issue which the providers were quizzed about.”

For more information on telecommunications in Bass Coast, please contact Council’s Economic Development Manager, Peter Francis, on 1300 BCOAST (226 278).