Bass Coast,

Council Merges Discretionary Funds With Grants Program

Bass Coast Shire Councillor’s Ward Discretionary Funds program will be merged into the Council’s Community Grants Program.

Council voted to merge the Funds with the Grants Program starting from the 2014/15 financial year at Wednesday night’s meeting.

Council also voted to review the Community Grants Program in December 2013 to ensure the categories available for funding and the assessment criteria reflect the priorities of the Council Plan.

The review will also give Council the option to increase the flexibility of the program and allow applications to be submitted more frequently, compared to the current annual allocation.

Council CEO, Allan Bawden, said the review of the Funds Program was brought to Council after the Local Government Investigations and Compliance Inspectorate did its own review of the processes and practices of all Victorian Councils.

“The findings from the Inspectorate were presented to the Audit Committee in June this year. The Audit Committee then recommended that the Councillor Ward Discretionary Funds be merged with the Community Grants Program,” Mr Bawden said.

“The Committee also recommended Council undertakes a review of the Community Grants Program in order to ensure it meets the communities’ needs and increase the programs flexibility, which Council will now do.”

Council also approved all Councillor Ward Discretionary Fund allocations for November at the meeting.