Bass Coast,

Council Realignment Brings Change


The organisational structure of Bass Coast Shire Council will undergo a major change for the first time since amalgamation.

With the process beginning in April this year, staff were informed this week of the new structure, which will put the organisation in a better position to achieve what it’s set out to do in the Council Plan 2013-2017.

Council CEO, Paul Buckley PSM, said realignment brings new opportunities and a reinvigorated focus for Council.

“This process will help Council to deliver the best outcomes for the community by achieving the strategic objectives in the Council Plan – Natural Environment, Economic Development, Sustainable Development and Growth, Healthy Communities and Effective Governance,” Mr Buckley said.

“It will also give us the opportunity to refresh, re-energise, and refocus, as well as build on the good work we have achieved.”

Mr Buckley said a major change in Council’s structure will also improve its ability to deliver on three key principles critical to establishing a positive and high performing culture.

The key principles are:

  • Performance Management: Deliver what you promise, when you promise it.
  • Financial Management: Deliver what you promise, when you promise it, within financial parameters that have been set – i.e. budget and long-term financial plan.
  • Relationship Development and Management: Appreciate the stakeholders and understand their roles and responsibilities.

“This realignment will not only instil confidence that our structure is financially sustainable, and contribute to ongoing improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, but provide transparency and accountability both within the organisation and to the community,” Mr Buckley said.“The changes we have made are a positive new direction for Council and the community, and will enable us do our jobs most effectively, understand our roles and responsibilities, and be able to better respond to changing community needs and meet community expectations.”

Recruitment of the three vacant General Manager positions – Sustainable Development and Growth, Healthy Communities, and Governance and Organisation Development – will commence late August.

Council Plan 2013-2017 Strategic Priorities

Natural Environment - Our unique natural environment is protected, maintained and enhanced for the enjoyment of all

Sustainable Development and Growth - Our built environment compliments our landscape, lifestyle and climate

Healthy Communities - Our community feels connected, safe and strong

Effective Governance - Our leadership will be achieved through good governance, community engagement and excellence in service delivery

Economic Development  - Our economy is supported by diverse, local and innovative businesses and employment