Bass Coast,

Council Reduces Footpath Trading Fees

Bass Coast Shire Council responded to feedback from the business community that Footpath Trading Fees were too high by reducing the previous fees at last Wednesday’s meeting.

Councillor Andrew Phillips moved a motion to reduce the majority of original fees initially adopted by Council in September 2012.

Fees for A-frame signs and for applications for footpath trading were changed to $100, permits for display of goods for sale were reduced from $200 to $125 per metre and outdoor dining was reduced from $150 to $100 per square metre.

Council will also offer a 25 per cent discount with a cap of $500 to members of local Tourism and Business Associations to encourage increased membership.

Council’s Acting Community and Economic Development Director, Antoinette Mitchell, said Council supported our local businesses and listened to the concerns they had about the previously proposed increases to Footpath Trading Fees.

“Council wants to encourage outdoor dining and ‘smart’ displays of goods on footpaths, as it considers these provide a general benefit to the community,” Ms Mitchell said.

“Fees for outdoor dining were set at a lower level than the fees for the display of goods on footpaths, as the display of goods for sale has traditionally required a much heavier workload to ensure compliance with regulations.

“Council wants to see strong local Tourism and Business Associations, which can partner with Council to strengthen businesses and improve compliance.”