Council Supports Nurse Practitioner Service

The Grantville Nurse Practitioner service will continue from the Grantville Transaction Centre after Bass Coast Shire Council recognised the benefit to the community the service provides.

Leadbeater Ward Councillor, Clare Le Serve, said Council reconsidered its original decision from the July Ordinary Meeting to uphold the rental rate during the closed section of the August Ordinary Meeting.

“Although people may have disagreed with Council’s initial decision, we were responding to the information given at the time and Council agreed to the community’s request to defer any further decision until we had more information and the business case,” Cr Le Serve said.

“The final decision was based on community benefit and Councillors recognised that the Waterline area is an area that needs Councils support.”

Cr Le Serve said Council resolved to offer a 12 month licence agreement to Deb Garvey from 1 October 2014 on the vacant consulting room at the Grantville Transaction Centre to be used for ongoing medical purposes.

“Council supports the ongoing provision of privately operated health services in Grantville, and we have agreed to waive the rent for a period of six months,” Cr Le Serve said.

“Whether the Nurse Practitioner service is a success as a business is up to the individual, which is true of any small business.

“The community needs to support the service to make it successful.”

During the closed section of the July Ordinary Meeting, Council discussed a proposal to reconsider the rental rate that had been received by the Nurse Practitioner along with a tabled petition received from members of the community in support of a reduced rental rate.

As a result from the meeting, Councillors met with the Nurse Practitioner to gather more information and find a way forward to resolve the issue. 

“This meeting was held earlier this month and Council were provided with information at this session from the Nurse Practitioner, as well written submissions from the Waterline Nurse Practitioner Action Group,” Cr Le Serve said.

“This information helped us to come to a new agreement with the Nurse Practitioner to ensure this service can continue for the Waterline community.”

Council Officers will develop a licence agreement that recognises this decision and takes into account all relevant legal and statutory requirements.