Council to consider future of Inverloch Transfer Station

Bass Coast Shire Council will consider the closure of the Inverloch Transfer Station at the June Ordinary Meeting.

Council CEO, Paul Buckley, said the Inverloch facility currently operates three days per week, from Saturday to Monday, and isn’t operating at best practice.

“The objective of the Waste Management Strategy supports the closure for a number of reasons, such as having to invest significant funding, and then further operational budget, to upgrade and maintain the site to standard,” Mr Buckley said.

“The cost to Council to run and maintain the Inverloch Transfer Station in its current condition for 2015/16 is $180,000, while funding allocated in the draft 2016/2017 budget is $185,000.

“Residential development to the north of the Transfer Station has also resulted in a number of unverified complaints regarding odours and noise associated with green waste mulching, and if the facility is no longer able to accept green waste, it may no longer be required.

“Continued development will further decrease the buffer around the facility, exacerbating these issues.”

The Waste Management Strategy also identified the facility as posing a risk to the local environment through stormwater discharge and fire, potentially impacting on nearby residential properties as well as Screw Creek and significant coastal vegetation.

Council and West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority have been discussing a plan to improve the river health of Screw Creek, with the Transfer Station and former landfill site considered a risk and ongoing threat to the waterway health and mangrove community.

Closure of the Transfer station would provide an opportunity to rehabilitate the site and extend the natural reserve, whilst also removing these environmental risks.

Councillors will take all of these points into consideration when making a decision at the upcoming meeting, as well as the close proximity of the Wonthaggi Transfer station which is located approximately 15 minutes from Inverloch and open seven day a week.

Council residents are welcome to attend Council’s Community Engagement Session next week on Wednesday, 15 June to read and discuss the report.

If Council accepts the recommendation to close the facility as of 1 September 2017, a detailed plan addressing alternative waste disposal options and transistion arrangements will be implemented.

The full report is available in the June Ordinary Meeting Agenda on Council's website.