Bass Coast,

Council To Introduce Native Vegetation Offset Scheme

Bass Coast Shire Council will establish a Native Vegetation Offset Scheme (NVOS) after a unanimous vote at the Council meeting on Wednesday.

Under Council’s plan, property owners and developers are able to apply for native vegetation to be removed. If their application is approved, the individual or developer will be required to purchase an offset for the same type of vegetation.

A NVOS will allow permit holders to meet their offset requirements, as well as create larger scale offsets with improved environmental values.

Offsets require permit holders to either protect or replace a greater amount or area of native vegetation, depending on the quality of the vegetation removed.

 “Not everyone is able to accommodate these offset requirements on the land they are seeking to clear; so an offsets scheme enables them to buy the credits from someone else, secured through protecting and planting new vegetation on other, approved land,” Council’s Planning and Environment Director, Hannah Duncan-Jones, said.

All credits purchased through the Scheme will be registered on the state Native Vegetation Credit Register.

Council will provide more information for people interested in the NVOS once the Scheme is available for use.