Phillip Island,

Council To Survey Sunset Strip On Upgrade

Bass Coast Shire Council will ask ratepayers in the Sunset Strip estate on Phillip Island to vote for or against the upgrade of roads and drainage before the project continues.

Council voted at the July Ordinary Meeting to survey property owners who will benefit from an upgrade project.

Deputy Mayor and McHaffie Ward Councillor, Kimberley Brown, said the purpose of the survey is to gauge the community’s view on a road and drainage upgrade project being done in the estate, which would be funded by a special charge scheme.

“The Shire has a legacy of of urban areas with no drainage, unsealed roads and no paths. The estimated cost of bringing these estates and urban roads to a basic level of infrastructure is estimated to be over $150 million,” Cr Brown said.

“Council has a priority list which prioritises all of the areas across the Shire, and the Sunset Strip estate is now the highest priority for infrastructure.

“At this stage, no commitment has been made to upgrade the area, rather a commitment to understand the issues that are in the Sunset Strip area.

“However, before the project progresses to preparing concept plans with detailed cost estimates, Council would like to determine the level of support for the road and drainage upgrade.

“This is a different step from what we’ve taken in the past with special charge schemes and by doing this, we hope to communicate better with residents.”

Cr Brown emphasised the importance of residents taking part in the survey.

“I encourage anyone affected to complete the short survey, as this is their opportunity to decide the outcome of where they live, and what Council will base its decisions on regarding their roads and drainage,” Cr Brown said.

“I'm not sure residents realise the importance of their initial feedback, so please don't let those forms sit on the kitchen bench!”

Cr Brown said Council had already met with Sunset Strip residents to identify road, drainage and traffic safety issues in the estate.

“There are a number of issues and concerns that have been raised by property owners within the estate that can only be resolved through a road and drainage improvement project being done,” Cr Brown said.

“The information provided during the community sessions not only indicated to Council Officers that there are significant drainage issues in this area but they are wider spread than first thought.”

Council will send all affected ratepayers the survey by mail.

Council will then make a decision on whether to proceed with a concept design, cost estimates and further consultation at a future meeting, based on the results and feedback from the survey.