Cuttriss Street Activity Area Plan Adopted

Works to improve the Inverloch foreshore can now move forward after Bass Coast Shire Council adopted the Cuttriss Street Activity Area Plan at Wednesday night’s meeting.

The Plan was adopted with a number of changes from the original draft, after Council received 47 submissions during the community consultation period.

The Plan has been developed following three separate periods of community submissions, most recently in June 2014.

The feedback and comments received from this consultation has helped to inform the development of the final plan, which balances the community demand for public foreshore infrastructure, whilst protecting the natural values of the Inverloch Foreshore.

Council’s Acting Planning and Environment Director, Jodi Kennedy, said the results of the community consultation indicated that stakeholders and community members were generally supportive of the draft Plan.

“There was little or no objection to most of the Key Recommendations, possibly attributed to the fact that the draft plan has been refined and amended following two previous stages of community consultation,” Ms Kennedy said.

“There was a consistent theme regarding not over developing the area and congesting it with infrastructure items that would restrict usability and limit movement.”

A number of changes were made to the draft following community consultation, including minor changes to the public toilet, car park, boardwalks and drainage, and major changes including changing the picnic and BBQ area to an open space area.

Townsend Ward Councillor, Jordan Crugnale, said it as an “aspirational plan”, with new infrastructure limited, due to the main attraction of the area being the natural environment.

“The character of the area is really treasured by locals and visitors alike,” Cr Crugnale said.

“One of the things that came out of the community consultation was how much they love the informalness and character of the area. In this situation, less is more.

Council will also investigate alternative permeable materials for the car park and pathways, and detailed designs for the car park and toilet block will be presented to Council for consideration.

 “Although the carpark is not the immediate priority for this precinct, my alternative recommendation ensures that permeable paving options like grass and gravel cells are at the forefront of any future detailed design,” Cr Crugnale said.

“We have a great opportunity to both integrate nature with infrastructure and utilise the natural drainage of the sand base to manage stormwater and run off.

“In my view, this is a new direction for Council and one that should be considered for all foreshore carparks and pathways.”

Consideration and adoption of the Cuttriss Street Activity Area Plan by Council will provide a framework and plan to improve and protect this area, identify future funding opportunities and mange and deliver community expectations.

“The range of activities in this area is indicative of how active we are as a community and how appreciative we are of our stunning inlet surrounds. Walkers, riders, anglers, wind and kite surfers, summer VICSWIM programs for kids are just some examples,” Cr Crugnale said.

“It is also the beginning of our most popular and renowned walk – the Screw Creek trail to Townsend Bluff.”