Drainage Improvements In Bass

Works to improve drainage along Lynch’s and McGrath Roads in Bass will begin next week.

Bass Coast Shire Council’s Infrastructure Director, Felicity Sist, said residents may notice some visual impacts to the area once the works begin.

“Vegetation currently blocking the drains, some of which also overhangs the roads, will be removed to provide easier access, undertake regular maintenance and reduce flooding in the area,” Ms Sist said.

 “We have been working with Council’s Environment Team to ensure the correct environmental management procedures are followed when removing vegetation, and to also identify weeds we can remove during the process.”

Machinery that hasn’t been available to Council staff in the past – an excavator with an attached mulcher – will be used to carry out the works.

“Using this machinery is the most cost effective way to clear the drains and enable regular maintenance,” Ms Sist said.

The works are expected to take one week.