Bass Coast,

Envisage Sea Level Rise Through King Tides

King tides will be seen on the shores of Bass Coast between 4 and 6 January 2014.

King tides are a natural phenomena that occur approximately twice a year; however, when high tides and king tides coincide with storm events, they can wreak havoc along our coast and cause significant damage to beaches and coastal infrastructure.

“Council is encouraging people to register and participate in The Green Cross Australia Witness King Tides project, to help raise awareness of what normal sea levels might look like in the future as a result of climate change,” Council’s Planning and Environment Director, Hannah Duncan-Jones said.

“Hopefully the weather will remain calm and any damage to our coast will be minimal.”

To be involved, get snap happy at your local beach during the late afternoons from 4 to 6 January and then compare the photos to those you collect during normal water levels, for example, at mid-tide. You can register and upload your photos at

As always, please exercise caution when you are exploring our coastlines and stay back from unprotected edges.