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With 14 million Australians using Facebook, it’s no surprise more people are using social media as their preferred source of news and information.

In order to share news and updates, as well as communicate directly with technologically savvy residents, Bass Coast Shire Council launched its own Facebook Page this week.

A Facebook Page was recognised as a key objective from the Communications and Engagement Strategy, adopted in 2015, to accompany two dedicated pages already established by Council; Business in Bass Coast and Bass Coast Youth.

Council has been running a Twitter account for a number of years, which has grown to have over 2,600 followers; however Acting CEO, Allison Jones, said the community had also asked for a stronger Facebook presence by Council.

“There are many active users in Bass Coast on other social media channels that provide opportunities to engage with Council, but a new, dedicated Facebook page for the organisation can open up discussions on many broad subjects and services that Council are involved in,” Ms Jones said.

“Social media is a 24/7 platform, so we have made sure resources are available to monitor another social media channel and respond to users in a timely manner.”

Ms Jones said Council hopes to use Facebook to share information with a wider audience, especially in case of emergency, as well as use it as a two-way tool to communicate with both permanent and non-permanent residents.

“We hope to use it to collect feedback, encourage engagement on important issues and provide an online space for conversation and discussion.”

The page will be actively monitored during business hours between 8.30am and 5.00pm from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) and our after-hours service on Facebook will be much like Council’s after-hours phone service.

Any serious or urgent issues that arise on the page will be forwarded to the relevant person.

Ms Jones said whilst Council understands not all comments will be positive, she encourages the community to have a conversation with Council online – much like they might do over the phone.

“We have published a Terms of Use on the page so that any content that is deemed inappropriate, such as abusive language or offensive comments, will be removed and we will contact the person directly if this is the case.”

You can find Council's Facebook page at