Bass Coast,

Fireworks Aren't Fun For Everyone

Bass Coast Shire Council is reminding residents and visitors to look after their animals during fireworks displays at Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Bass Coast Shire Council’s General Manager Healthy Communities, David Elder, said many domestic animals can become scared during firework displays, with dogs and horses particularly at risk.

“Many try to run away, sometimes injuring themselves in the process and dogs have been known to easily jump over or dig under fences that would normally contain them,” Mr Elder said.

“Pet owners should prepare early for fireworks happening.

“If you can, stay home and be with your pet, but if not, close the blinds or curtains, put on some music or the TV to help mask the noise outside and make sure all external doors are closed.

“Cats will usually find somewhere safe to hide and will venture out only when the noise stops.”

Mr Elder said pet owners should ensure their cat or dog is microchipped and details are up to date on the microchip register just in case they do wander and get lost.

“And don’t forget your horses; they are also vulnerable when exposed to fireworks.

“If possible, they should be securely stabled or removed to a different location away from the fireworks display.

“Cover stable windows to hide the sight of the fireworks and dim the noise, and also make sure you provide plenty of food and water.”

Fireworks will be held at the following events:

  • Carols by the Bay, Cowes – 9.30pm on Tuesday, 16 December
  • New Year’s Eve, Coronet Bay – 9.30pm on Wednesday, 31 December
  • New Year’s Eve, Inverloch – 9.30pm on Wednesday, 31 December