Bass Coast,

Gippsland calling for Bass Coast leaders

Bass Coast Shire Council is encouraging future leaders throughout the Shire to apply for the 2016 intake for the Gippsland Community Leadership Program (GCLP).

Established in 1996 to assist the development and growth of existing and emerging leaders within the Gippsland region, the GCLP has received glowing praise from graduates.

Council’s Manager Community Strengthening, Antoinette Mitchell, was in the very first intake almost a decade ago.

“The benefits for me were meeting a whole network of people, some of whom I am still in touch with, seeing industries and places in Gippsland I would not otherwise have seen, meeting industry leaders and politicians and having open conversations with them, and learning skills in leading group facilitation and public speaking” Ms Mitchell said.

“The Program provided me with the chance to look at community leadership opportunities and make connections to the Alumni and associated events.”

Council’s General Manager Healthy Communities, David Elder, who also took part in GCLP mirrored Ms Mitchell’s comments and added that the particular emphasis on Gippsland is what made it particularly unique to other leadership programs.

“Gippsland is so interesting and diverse and has many amazing people, places and spaces to explore,” Mr Elder said.

The 11 month Program consists of a gala launch dinner, two-day retreats, 10 full day programs, a graduation dinner and more.

The Community Project aspect of GCLP also allows participants to consider areas of need within the Gippsland community and become involved by initiating positive outcomes.

The GCLP attracts excellent quality applicants from all over Gippsland ensuring diversity amongst successfully chosen candidates.

Participants benefit through the enhancement of newly developed skills, knowledge and confidence through the newly formed networks with other Gippsland industries including local government.

To apply for the 2016 intake, visit and downloading the application form.