Bass Coast,

Happy New Year For All In Bass Coast

New Year’s Eve celebrations went off without a hitch in Bass Coast this week, with thousands celebrating at various locations around the Shire.

Council’s Acting Community and Economic Development Director, Antoinette Mitchell, said fireworks displays in Inverloch and Coronet Bay were fantastic, with no issues reported from any events.

“We had very good behaviour from over 5,000 people in Inverloch and comments that the firework display was very good,” Ms Mitchell said.

“Around 4,000 people enjoyed the activities and fireworks at Coronet Bay. New parking arrangements this year made for an easy exit.

“Parking was allowed on one side of the road only, facing out of town, and a safe exit was managed really well.”

Council will continue to work on improving heavy traffic, both in cars and on foot, leaving after fireworks in time for this year’s events.

Ms Mitchell said the Cowes New Year’s Eve Carnival was also very successful, with thousands visiting throughout the day.

“Police reported very good behaviour, with no incidents reported, but litter and glass was still a problem,” Ms Mitchell said.

“Around 20m³ of litter was collected outside of rubbish bins, mainly from the foreshore.”

The NYE on the Hill Festival reached capacity at 1,500 people and there were no issues with noise, behaviour or traffic.