Cape Paterson,

Have Your Say On The Cape Paterson Special Charge Scheme

Property owners and the general community will be invited to put in their submissions or objections on the Cape Paterson Special Charge Scheme after Council resolved to commence the formal process at Wednesday’s meeting.

Following the publication of a public notice in the Sentinel Times on Tuesday, 25 February 2014, property owners will receive a letter inviting them to make a submission and/or to object to the project.

“Anyone in the community can make a submission regarding the project, but only property owners are entitled to lodge objections,” explained Mayor, Cr Neil Rankine.

He also added that property owners have the right to be heard by the Committee of Council that will review submissions and that they should let this be known in their submission/objection.

The submission/objection period will close on 26 March 2014.

”Once the submission period has closed the members of the Committee of Council will consider them. Hearings will be held for owners who wish to be heard in support of their submission and/or objection,” Mayor, Cr Neil Rankine said.

“We will let those who have asked to be heard in person know when those hearings are being held, and they will be scheduled a hearing time.

“The Committee of Council will then prepare a report which will outline its recommendation to Council as to whether the scheme should continue, be modified or be abandoned.”

The recommendation will consider the level of support and/or objections received and whether it is necessary to make any variations to the proposed scheme.

Cr Rankine reiterated it was important for all property owners to make a submission, whether they supported the scheme or not. No submission will be considered support for the scheme.

“Council will decide to adopt, modify or abandon it at the July Ordinary Council meeting,” Cr Rankine said.

“If the majority of all affected property owners reject the scheme, it must be abandoned.”

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