Iconic Golden Cypress Damaged

Bass Coast Shire Council will wait to receive a second arborist report before it makes a decision on whether to remove an iconic Golden Cypress tree in Thompson Avenue, Cowes.

The tree was left severely damaged after a truck crashed into it recently.

Council’s Infrastructure Director, Felicity Sist, said Council’s work crews were quick to arrive at the scene and immediately called police to assist with securing the site.

“The tree had a large split in it and when that happens it can be a little unpredictable,” Ms Sist said.

“Our staff called the police to ask for assistance with traffic management and then our crew made the area safe. They progressively cut down the damaged limb and cordoned off the area for pedestrians and local shoppers.”

Ms Sist said Council have an arborist on staff who was able to make an assessment at the time of the accident, but we like to get a second opinion in these situations,” Ms Sist said.

“We understand how iconic these trees are.

“We’ve been talking to the Friends of the Golden Cypress Association and they are obviously disappointed.

“Once we get the report back, we can determine what needs to be done, but if it does have to be removed, we have got replacement Golden Cypress trees that can be replanted, as we have done in the past.”