Bass Coast,

Illegal Dumping Costly For Offenders

Bass Coast Shire Council are warning people to dispose of rubbish responsibly after almost $900 of fines were handed out recently for waste that could have been disposed of legally for less than $90.

A Melbourne man was fined $295 for leaving a large bag of waste alongside a roadside bin on the Bass Highway.

Mayor, Cr Neil Rankine, said it was disappointing to see, considering the garbage bag could have been disposed of legally for just $3 at the nearby Transfer Station, or left in the car for disposal at home.

“Although the rubbish was place next to a bin, public place bins are provided for small items of waste by passing motorists,” Cr Rankine said.

“Large bags from households or businesses fill up bins more quickly than they are designed to.

“Windy coastal weather and wildlife can quickly tear open and turn one bag of waste and create a real mess.”

Corinella residents have also recently reported the registration of a ute whose driver was seen dumping large piles of tree branches and garden waste on the Corinella foreshore.

The registered vehicle owner, a woman from Mornington Peninsula, was issued a notice to provide information about the incident and the person in control of the vehicle at the time of the offence.

Council then issued a $295 fine to the owner for the offence after they failed to supply information.

The legal waste disposal cost would have been around $75.

“Many private land owners and community groups in our Shire work hard to remove or control invasive weeds, and dumping of green waste and garden weeds is a major cause of invasive weeds in the natural environment,” Cr Ranine said.

A Cowes holiday home owner from Melbourne also received a $295 fine recently after he was observed dumping four large bags of green waste on a rural roadside in Ventnor.

The cost to dispose of the green waste responsibly at Cowes Recycling Bank would have been just $6.

For information on Council waste facilities and disposal charges, or to report illegal dumping, visit or call 1300 226 278 (BCOAST) or (03) 5671 2211.