Inverloch youth to ‘reclaim’ skate park

After raising funds for the Inverloch Skate Park a decade ago, local skaters will be given the chance to ‘reclaim’ their skate park as part of Bass Coast Shire Council’s public art project.

The project, which aims to revitalise the skate park, will be led by Inverloch Community House and a coordinating artist, Mary Sullivan, and will encourage young people to re-colour, re-make and reclaim the park.

“It is inspired by the original act of local engagement and action. Through a series of creative opportunities for those who use the park, I hope to re-catalyse a spirit of community participation and ownership,” Ms Sullivan said.

“Currently, the skate park is well used by several generations of skaters. However, there is no sense of place. The overall look of the park is stark, and there is no evidence of occupancy. This project aims to generate a new energy and return Inverloch Skate Park to its roots of positive involvement and respect.”

The proposal will pull together a team of artists to work with the community in various ways, including participatory work with lead artists.

“The first participatory work is called TRAX. It will record the swirls and swoops of bikes, scooters and skate boards that weave their way through the park,” Ms Sullivan said.

“A small group of kids will be invited to ride through puddles of paint on a series of large boards on the ground. The paint will trace their movements on the boards. The resulting marks will inform the design of a painted track mural throughout the park.”

Ms Sullivan said a ‘Mural Jam’ will also be held; a weekend event where young people who use the park and invited to work with experienced artists to make a series of murals for the space.

The Inverloch Community House is leading a community consultation process with the draft concept for the site being displayed at the Inverloch Community Hub from Monday, 24 August until Sunday, 6 September. In addition to the static display, artists will be available to discuss the project with the community during a drop-in session from 5.00pm until 7.00pm on Thursday, 3 September.

Deputy Mayor and Chair of the Public Art Reference Committee, Cr Jordan Crugnale, said she is looking forward to seeing local professional artists and skaters artistically and colourfully accentuate a focal point of the town that is well utilised by young people from the town and beyond.

“A community art project that involves kids and youth, school, community house, library, local artists and artisans, YMCA, the Inverloch Lions and Men's Shed is a success by default. The final outcome is a bonus!” Cr Crugnale said.

“Council have funded this component of the project through its Public Art annual allocation and are working with Mary Sullivan on the landscaping plan and funding options so as to open out, soften and integrate the park with the adjacent seating shelter area.”