Kernot Thoughts To Be Heard Out Loud

People who have made a submission regarding a planning application to build a free stall barn and bottling plant in Kernot will have an opportunity to address Bass Coast Shire Council in person on 29 July.

Bass Coast Mayor, Cr Kimberley Brown, said Council wanted to hold a hearing after receiving a high number of submissions to the application.

“We’ve received around 420 submissions so far, with that number still rising,” Cr Brown said.

“Given this high level of interest in the proposed development, the Councillors and I have scheduled a session so we can hear directly from our community and other interested individuals.”

Cr Brown said concerns raised in the submissions included animal welfare and rights, foreign ownership, impact on landscape, road damage and truck movement, impact on the community and tourism, water supply and quality, drainage and effluent, noise and odour, and loss of property value, among other various issues.

“This is a significant issue for our community, and I encourage anyone who has made a submission to register to speak at the hearing,” Cr Brown said.

“Copies of submissions have been provided to all Councillors, so speakers won’t need to read out their individual submission at the hearing; instead, it is an opportunity to reinforce their key points. Please note speaking time will be limited to five minutes per person.”

Council will not be making a decision on the application at the hearing; it is intended to be presented to Council at the Ordinary Meeting on 19 August.

The hearing will be held on Wednesday, 29 July at the Wonthaggi Community Arts Centre, 96 Graham Street, Wonthaggi from 5.30pm.

Submitters wishing to speak can register by calling Gabrielle Tonkin on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211. Only people who have made submissions will be able to register to speak and all registrations must be made before 5.00pm on Thursday, 23 July.

For more information on the application, please visit