Bass Coast,

Know Your Council results show a positive trend for Bass Coast

The recent Know Your Council results demonstrate that Bass Coast Shire Council is on a positive trend with year-on-year improvements in many areas.

Know Your Council collects data from all 79 Victorian Councils across 13 diverse performance fields including financial performance, waste collection, sustainable capacity, roads and libraries.

The website provides a platform where people can access the performance results of their Council and compare results with previous years and other similar Councils.

Bass Coast Mayor, Cr Pamela Rothfield, was pleased to see that this data reflects a steady improvement on the previous year.

“These results are consistent with the direction Council is taking and reflect Council’s focus on continual improvement while achieving efficiencies, which again sees year-on-year improvement in most of the categories listed on the Know Your Council website,” Cr Rothfield said.

“I have no doubt these results will continue to improve thanks to improved services introduced this year.

“For example, our Waste Services results reflect the old two bin system. Next year, our diversion from landfill results will improve dramatically thanks to our new three bin system.”

Some of the improvements can be attributed to recent service reviews. In 2015 service reviews in the areas of Animal Management and Food Safety highlighted areas for improvement and cost saving opportunities.

Reviewed systems and processes in Animal Management has seen the time taken to action animal requests reduce from 3.85 days to 2.42 days, also the cost of delivering this service per registered animal has reduced by 56%.

In Food Safety the cost of delivering services has reduced dramatically from $1,123.57 (2014/15) to $303.00 (2016/17). Council has delivered the same level of services in the area of Food Safety with fewer resources, and Bass Coast is now closer aligned with similar Councils.

“Thanks to continuous internal process reviews, Statutory Planning has seen application assessments within the 60 day timeframe improve to 75% in 2016/17. Since then, our figures for the last quarter show an increase to 83%, which was achieved whilst also dealing with a significantly larger number of applications,” Cr Rothfield said.

“We have also seen improvement in areas that come under Governance such as community engagement, decision making and transparency. These things are also aligned with our genuine focus to listen to our community and remain open and transparent.”   

A year-on-year comparison over several years’ shows that Council’s operating expenses per property have remained relatively stable, and rates as a percentage of property value is aligned with the State average.

To see the full list of results, head to the website