Bass Coast,

Low Rating, Low Spending

As demonstrated in Bass Coast Shire Council’s long term financial plan and the 2015/16 Budget, Bass Coast continues to be one of the lowest rating and lowest spending councils in Victoria.

“The services of external experts to deliver specialised project work are engaged when it doesn’t make economic sense to employ staff to undertake the project work,” Mayor, Cr Kimberley Brown, said.

“It is common practise to do so across local government, and any engagement with external experts is subject to an open and transparent budget and procurement process.”

Council’s 2015/16 Budget is currently out for consultation and informed public comment is welcome prior to the Budget being presented to Council in June for final consideration.

Full details of the draft budget and long term financial plan are available on Council’s website at

“The Budget clearly demonstrates that Council has significantly contained operating costs and increased urgent capital expenditure required to renew assets and provide new facilities for the community,” Cr Brown said.

“The draft budget and associated benchmarks with like Councils is evidence that Council is, and will continue to be an efficient low rating and low spending council.”