Bass Coast,

LSIO Awaits Western Port Assessment

Bass Coast Shire Council will wait for the release of the Western Port Local Coastal Hazard Assesment (WPLCHA) before making any further decision on Amendment C82 to the Bass Coast Planning Scheme.

This recommendation was made by the Panel for Amendment C82.

Mayor, Cr Kimberley Brown, said Council has been advised that the WPLCHA will be released in the short term.

“The release of the report will help to inform Council’s decision about how to plan for sea leven rise,” Cr Brown said.

“Melbourne Water has also requested that Council wait until the mapping from the WPLCHA is released, then use the information to inform the application of the LSIO.”

Cr Brown said in his report to the Panel, Council’s Expert Witness Andrew McCowan submitted that the Victorian Coastal Inundation Dataset provides the best currently available data for assessing the likely extents of coastal inundation in Bass Coast Shire.

“Mr McCowan said the LSIO extents based on the Victorian Coastal Inundation Dataset compare favourably with the preliminary results of some more recent coastal inundation modelling in Western Port,” Cr Brown said.

“He also submitted that there are some discrepancies between the LSIO and the preliminary results of the recent modelling.

“These discrepancies occur mainly in the western and southern extremities of the Rhyll Inlet, and there may be scope for further refinement of the LSIO in these areas when more definitive modelling becomes available.”