Bass Coast,

Marching for the environment

In the last weekend of November, world leaders will meet in Paris for the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference.

At the same time, Australians will come together in capital cities across the country, alongside people in cities all over the world, to call for a transition to 100 per cent clean energy and an end to fossil fuels.

Bass Coast Shire Council has partnered with the People’s Climate March and is encouraging local community members to take part in the Melbourne March on Friday, 27 November.

“If we don’t do something soon, the costs from the implications of climate change to Council will be huge; we’re at a tipping point now,” Cr Neil Rankine said.

“Council also understands the potential benefits of embracing renewable energy.

“For these reasons, we are supporting the People’s Climate Marches taking place at the end of November locally and around the world.”

Council has been assisting Groundswell Bass Coast to promote the March locally, working with Groundswell Bass Coast to distribute posters and flyers.

Groundswell member, Aileen Vening, said Australians per capita create more greenhouse gases than any other country.

“We must, and can, ‘do our bit’ to reduce climate change and its harmful effects. This is why Australia must agree to more ambitious targets at the UN climate talks in Paris at the end of November, and why we can all do a bit more to reduce our carbon footprint,” Ms Vening said.

“Measures such as installing insulation, blinds and more efficient appliances are creating jobs and reducing energy use. Around 1.4 million households (one in 10) have installed rooftop solar panels and are enjoying reduced electricity bills. Our air is cleaner because less coal is being burned.

“The renewable energy industry is providing training and employment for thousands of Australians. The renewable energy industry employs over 50,000 people in the state of California alone. Imagine the potential we have here in Australia!”

Ms Vening said participating in a People’s Climate March will help send a message to Australian leaders that effective action is an urgent requirement.

Marches are happening in Melbourne at 5.30pm on Friday, 27 November and locally, starting at Newhaven playground at 3.00pm on Sunday, 29 November.

You can sign up and find out more about the local March at and the Melbourne March at

People wishing to attend the Melbourne March can catch V/Line buses at local bus stops on the Friday afternoon, with return buses leaving Southern Cross Station at 7.00pm and 9.00pm.

Ms Vening suggested people book ahead in case a second bus is required. Groundswell will also offer car-pooling. For more information, email