Bass Coast,

More Patrols This Summer

Bass Coast Shire Council Rangers will have an increased presence on beaches over the summer period.

Mayor, Cr Kimberley Brown, encouraged all residents and visitors walking their dogs to not only do the right thing, but encourage good behaviour from others to ensure everyone enjoyed the beach this summer.

“Rangers will be patrolling Bass Coast beaches throughout summer and will be enforcing local laws,” Cr Brown said.

“So if you, your family, friends and neighbours are venturing out with your pet, knowing these simple rules will make it an enjoyable experience for all.”

Cr Brown said there would be an increased presence on beaches this summer and if beach users were caught doing the wrong thing, they would be warned or fined.

“If you respect the rules, you’ll avoid a fine and make our beaches a safe and happy place for everyone.”

Cr Brown said given the time frames, signs advising of new regulations for Inverloch beaches would not be in place by 1 December, but Council would be working to get all the changes implemented as soon as possible.

Carry a bag and pick up after your dog

Dog waste in our streets, parks and on our beaches is smelly, unsightly, and unpleasant to step in.

“Councils throughout Victoria require dog owners to remove and dispose of their dog’s waste when in public places,” Cr Brown said.

“Owners are also required to carry a bag or scoop to remove any waste and can be fined for not complying.”

Keep your dog on a leash

Throughout Bass Coast, dogs are required to be on a lead when in public places, unless they are in a designated off leash area

“Some dogs love the beach just as much as their owners; after all, it is fun to splash around in the water,” Cr Brown said.

“There are some beaches where you are allowed to walk your best friend and let them have a splash in the water, but you still need to keep your dog on a leash unless you’re in a designated off-leash area.”

Check signs at beaches and parks

“Our beaches are managed by a variety of organisations including Council, Phillip Island Nature Park, Parks Victoria and Committees of Management, and many of these have their own regulations on where and when dogs are permitted on their land,” Cr Brown said.

Cr Brown said there are some beaches in Bass Coast where you are not allowed to take dogs, and there are others with time restrictions.

“Always check signs before entering reserves or beaches just to be sure you are doing the right thing.”