Newhaven Skate Ramp Reopened


The Newhaven Skate Ramp was reopened to the public on Friday, 24 July.

The ramp, built by the community in 1990, was to be removed from the Newhaven Recreation Reserve due to safety concerns and the deteriorating state of the structure and its surface.

Working alongside Bass Coast Shire Council, local skate advocates, the 4ShoreSk8 group, rallied the community and organised a working bee to repair the defects to the ramp as identified in an earlier structural engineer report.

The group were supported by tradesmen, local business and Council to achieve this great result through donations of time, equipment and materials.

Speaking on behalf of the group, David ‘Bucky’ Harmer is excited to have been part of a positive community action group.

“We are stoked to have worked together to get the ramp repaired as there is a real need in this community for a facility,” Mr Harmer said.

“While we will still proceed with our plans for a future skate park in the Newhaven and San Remo area, we are delighted to again have a ramp that is safe and suitable for all levels of skating.

“We understood that the ramp required attention and after putting the call out for local skating families to be involved, was amazed that over 20 volunteers fronted to assist in the repair project.”

Anderson Ward Councillor, Bradley Drew, said this is a great outcome for the community.

“This is a good example of how communities can agree to get behind something, work with Council and achieve results.”

Cr Drew confirmed that Council, together with the 4ShoreSk8 group, will now work towards a long-term plan for skateboard activities in the area.

“Council recognises the importance for facilities that provide open, non-structured activities and will work closely with communities to develop a skate strategy across the Shire,” concluded Cr Drew.

Council has also responded to the local skate community by committing to the development of future skate facilities.

“In a clear message to the community, Councillors agreed unanimously to spend funds previously allocated for delivering supervision services across Council on a more strategic, facility development focused program,” Cr Drew commented.

“It is expected that the redirection of up to $100,000 per year will be available for capital investment in skate facilities.”