San Remo,

No Fireworks In San Remo

Fireworks will not be held at Carols by Candlelight in San Remo on Saturday, 14 December.

Council supported the introduction of fireworks earlier this year.

“It is with great regret Council is unable to hold fireworks in San Remo this year,” Council’s Acting Community and Economic Development Director, Antoinette Mitchell, said.

“Council’s events staff have been trying to identify a suitable location to hold the fireworks that complies with the ever increasingly strict controls that govern fireworks, most notably a sizable exclusion zone around the launch area.

“For the sites being considered such as the foreshore, near the ends of the bridge and even on the bridge itself, approval is required from other agencies such as VicRoads and Parks Victoria and time has run out to obtain all the necessary approvals.

“Consequently, the fireworks will not be able to proceed in conjunction with the Carols as hoped this year.”

Both San Remo Jetty and Newhaven Jetty were ruled out as launching sites for fireworks.

Ms Mitchell said Council would continue to work with VicRoads and Parks Victoria to find a suitable location for fireworks in 2014.