Bass Coast,

Path Under Kilcunda Trestle Bridge Temporarily Closed


The path underneath the Kilcunda Trestle Bridge has been temporarily closed as a precautionary measure to minimise potential risks to the public.

Council recently engaged a specialist engineering firm to inspect Council managed bridges as part of our routine asset inspection and monitoring program. This included inspecting and testing the historic Kilcunda Trestle Bridge on the Rail Trail.

“The inspection showed that some debris has fallen or has the potential to fall from underneath the bridge,” said Felicity Sist, Infrastructure Director.

“Council has moved to minimise the risk to public who use this area and has closed access to the path under the bridge.

“This is a precautionary measure and we urge anyone wanting to access the foreshore to use the boardwalk, which is only about 50m to the south-east of the bridge,” Ms Sist said.

“At this stage, the information we have only relates to the area underneath the bridge.

“The engineers’ report will identify if there are any other issues with the bridge and these will be added to Council’s maintenance and renewal programmes.  We will review the engineers’ final report in the coming weeks and will respond with a maintenance programme as necessary.”