Bass Coast,

Pets in Court

Pet registrations for Bass Coast Shire are now overdue and recent Magistrate Court outcomes serve as a powerful reminder of why pet registrations are so important.

Twelve prosecutions regarding domestic animals were carried at Korumburra Magistrates’ Court this month. Eight of these prosecutions were for failing to apply to register a dog. Two persons were prosecuted for dogs wandering at large. Each of these prosecutions received a fine.

Two other persons were prosecuted for dogs wandering at large on numerous occasions. They were ordered to ensure the dogs were adequately secured at their properties with improved fencing, and fined $380.00 with costs of $81.10.

The total fines ordered by the court were $6,351.00. Unregistered pets risk receiving a $317.00 fine.

Bass Coast Shire Mayor, Cr Pamela Rothfield explained that dogs and cats three months and older must be microchipped and registered with Council.

“Of course, pet registration isn’t just about avoiding fines. Registering your pet means they can be identified and returned if they get lost,” Cr Rothfield said.

“Losing your beloved pet can be an upsetting and stressful situation for the whole family. If your pet is registered and microchipped, however, your dog or cat has a much higher chance of being returned to you if it ends up in an animal shelter or vet clinic.”

Pet registrations are due on 10 April each year. Under Victorian law, every cat and dog three months of age and over must be registered with their local council. Pets being registered for the first time must also be microchipped prior to registration.

Council Rangers will soon begin door knocks across Bass Coast to identify animals that are not registered and will be taking enforcement action if unregistered dogs or cats are identified. If you have received a renewal and the animal is no longer living in Bass Coast Shire or your contact details are incorrect please contact Council.

Since 10 April 2017, Council does not register a new cat unless the cat is desexed or is exempt under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, and cat owners will be required to contain their cats to their property between sunset and sunrise, unless restrained and in the presence of their owner.

For more information on dog and cat registration, log on to Council’s website to access an Application for Pet registration form, contact Council’s Local Laws Team at, or call them on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211. If you have a new pet, you can also chat to the Local Laws Team about what you need to do to register them.