Bass Coast,

Pioneer Bay’s roads and drainage set to be upgraded

Pioneer Bay residents are set to have improved quality of life in their estate after Bass Coast Shire Council voted to proceed with a Special Charge Scheme to upgrade $4.6 million worth of roads and drainage at their Ordinary Council Meeting on Wednesday, 21 February.

The Scheme will include construction and full upgrade of roads and drainage including pavement and sealing works, underground surface and storm water drainage, kerb and channeling, nature strip works, speed humps and pedestrian pathways on selected streets.

Additionally, a Melbourne Water upgrade project will integrate with this project at the same time. This will include the upgrade of the main waterway and installation of new storm water infrastructure that will provide the community with a new wetland area.

The Melbourne Water upgrade project has an anticipated value of $2.5million. Council’s total contribution to the Pioneer Bay Estate’s projects will be $1.1million.

Council currently maintains over 120km of unsealed roads in urban areas. Council’s Urban Roads and Drainage Improvement Program prioritises urban areas for inclusion in future road and drainage upgrade programs.

Pioneer Bay is rated as the highest priority estate for a road and drainage upgrade and this was confirmed through community engagement sessions which commenced in 2015. The residents and ratepayers identified significant infrastructure issues and assisted in developing concept plans for the upgrade.

Deputy Mayor, Cr Brett Tessari expressed his excitement for the Pioneer Bay community. He acknowledged the legacy of unmade roads in Bass Coast and the significant financial contribution required from property owners.

“I’m over the moon for the residents of Pioneer Bay that we can get this project going as they will see such improvement to the quality of life in their estate.

“I remember when I was a kid living in Broome Crescent in Wonthaggi and it was a dustbowl! Council went ahead with a Special Charge Scheme and my parents went on a payment plan to pay off their contribution. The cost is significant but the improvement to our living conditions was just phenomenal.

“Being able to hang out your washing without the risk that it getting covered in dust, kids being able to safely ride their bikes down footpaths and learn to roller-skate.

“In Bass Coast we have a large number of estates with unmade roads and no drainage that were subdivided before standards for subdivisions were introduced. There is significant cost involved with the Scheme but Council works with residents to try and work out affordable payment plans that suits their needs.”

Construction on this project is expected to start in late 2018.

Council is also advising residents of this decision and of the resident’s rights of review for Special Charge Schemes. Appeals can then be made within 30 days to the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for review of Council’s decision to proceed with the Scheme.

For more information, please contact Council’s Asset Management Team on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or (03) 5671 2211.