Positive Results From Dalyston Animal Audit

In order to encourage responsible pet ownership in Bass Coast Shire, two Council Rangers visited every property in Dalyston on 1 August.

Feedback from the audit has been very positive and Council received 15 new animal registrations in the two weeks following the visits.

Where no one was home, information was left regarding the audit, and where people were home, Rangers spoke with them and explained what they were doing.

Having animals registered with Council ensures that when a pet is found wandering the streets by our rangers the owner can easily be found.It is also a requirement of Council to have your pet registered.

“We will be sending out notices to a further dozen or so properties where animals were detected or observed requiring people to register their animals,” Council’s Community and Economic Development Director, Steve Piasente, said.

“At the same time as the animal audit, Rangers also undertook an audit on house numbering and we found about 20 properties with inadequate or no house numbers displayed, which is something we will be following up.

“One of the very top frustrations for emergency services is inadequate property numbering. If a property does not have a clearly-visible number, then it takes emergency services time to calculate an address.  This time loss can be critical in an emergency.”

Council’s next animal audit will be undertaken in Cape Woolamai in coming weeks.