Bass Coast,

Protect Your Pet


Losing your beloved animal companion can be upsetting, but if your pet is registered and microchipped, your dog or cat has a much higher chance of being returned to you if it ends up in an animal shelter or vet clinic.

On average, two out of three animals impounded with Council have been quickly reunited with their owners due to being registered and microchipped.

Bass Coast Shire Council Mayor, Cr Kimberley Brown, said Council recently found a runaway with a happy ending after it impounded a cat whose owner had just moved from interstate.

“It was microchipped and we were able to notify the owner who advised it escaped while removalists were at her house,” Cr Brown said.

“The cat and owner were able to be reunited on the same day it was impounded, which reduced the stress on both of them.”

Cr Brown said not only does legislation require all cats and dogs to be registered in their municipality under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, but securing them within their property is also imperative.

“Making sure your pets, especially dogs, are secure in your backyard can help prevent the stress of having a pet go missing,” Cr Brown said.

“You can do things like teaching your dog to come when called, exercising them regularly, getting them desexed, and of course, making sure your fences, gates and doors are secure, can help prevent pets from escaping.”

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