Bass Coast,

Recycling Services Returned

Just two weeks after suspending recycling services to 67 properties, Bass Coast Shire Council worked with residents to reinstate service to over 50 per cent of homes.

Within just four days of receiving a letter about recycling bin service suspension, Council’s Waste Services team was contacted by a large number of residents to talk about the issue, resulting in the service being reinstated to 38 properties.

Gippsland Regional Waste Management Group board member, Cr Bradley Drew, said several residents called to say they were not aware recycling had to be emptied out of plastic bags and committed to recycle right if their service was reinstated.

“Others had genuine and reasonable reasons to explain the recycling mistakes, such as their children putting rubbish in the wrong bins,” Cr Drew said.

 “We’ve supplied bin stickers and education packs to those households to help make it clear and easy for the residents and visitors to use the right bin.”

‘Naughty neighbours’ were still a major cause of recycling bin contamination at other properties.

“We’ve been contacted by several families who haven’t been down to their holiday house in months,” Cr Drew said.

“In those cases, it is quite obvious that ‘naughty neighbours’ are the cause of contamination in recycling bins at other properties, so we recommend that bins are stored securely in a backyard or garage from now on,” Cr Drew said.

“At least half a dozen holiday home owners contacted Council to ask what they can do to help improve recycling at their holiday house property.

“Many of them initially believe there is little they can do to improve the recycling practices of guests, but it can actually be a really simple fix.”

Property owners can organise a large size ‘twin bin’ in the kitchen area with a Council recycling poster above it to help make it easier for guests to keep recycling and rubbish separate.

Council also has bin stickers that can help visitors to do the right thing, and use the right bin.

Cr Drew acknowledged that most Bass Coast residents are doing a fantastic job when it comes to recycling,

“Bass Coast Shire residents recycle around 350 tonnes of material every month, and that literally doubles to over 700 tonnes in January,” Cr Drew said.

“Households with large families, as well as holiday home owners and managers, are welcome to contact Council’s Waste Services team to discuss your property’s recycling and waste disposal needs.”