Register for the H30 Challenge Rewards


South Gippsland and Bass Coast residents are reminded to register for the H30 Challenge to switch sugary drinks for water in a bid to improve their health.

There are only a couple of weeks left to go in the draw to win a $900 bicycle by registering before the end of March.

Free drink bottles will also be provided to those who register at pop-up events across South Gippsland and Bass Coast until the end of April.

Those who register will not only have great prizes as incentives but the challenge will improve their health.

Switching to water – even for short periods – can lower health risks and kick start weight loss.

The challenge also monitors how much money you will be saving by sticking to water, which some participants will use to purchase their own rewards.

H30 Challenge Project Worker Rachel Sands was hopeful that more people would sign up to the challenge in the coming weeks.

“While the H30 Challenge may be difficult for those used to having sugary drinks on a regular basis it is important to remember there are substitutes available such as fruit infused water.

“The aim of the challenge is to build better habits, with water becoming the drink of choice over time,” said Ms Sands.

To sign up for the challenge please visit www.h30challenge.com.au/lga/southgippsland or www.h30challenge.com.au/lga/basscoast according to your region.