Restoration for Maregold and Wind and Rain.


Two sculpture seats in the Cowes Town Square by the Artist, David Fincher, are undergoing restoration. The two seats named Wind and Wave and Maregold (or Shimmering Water Kelp) were commissioned by Bass Coast Shire Council for the Cowes Town Square in 2012.

The seats are inspired by driftwood washed up on the rocks, shaped and forged by the action of wind and wave. The artists chose to use Golden Cypress to construct the sculpture seats.

If you look carefully, you will see a face under each seat, one male and one female.

The Artist, David Fincher, passed away in 2014 leaving these seats for us to enjoy as a part of his artistic legacy.

During his lifetime Mr Fincher would regularly tend to the seats, maintaining their upkeep by bogging or patching sections. These seats are now due for restoration and you can see the work in progress during Nobvember.