Bass Coast,

Road Services Asset Management Plan Adopted

Bass Coast Shire Council adopted the Road Services Asset Management Plan (RSAMP) at its May Ordinary Meeting, providing the community with the policies, procedures and standards for the management of the local road network heading into the future.

During a lengthy review process the community was invited to comment on the Plan with five outcomes in mind in relation to the road network.

“The newly developed Community Service Levels were prioritised into five outcomes; Accessibility, Drainage Control, Connectivity, Amenity and Community Health (Safety),” Mayor, Cr Neil Rankine, said.

“This aligns the technical and statutory requirements with clearly defined community outcomes to give the Bass Coast community the levels of service they expect.”

To assist in delivery of these community outcomes in line with Council’s objective of improving response times, Council has adopted an Improvement Plan included in the Capital Works Program.

“This will provide additional funding for Infrastructure across the whole of Bass Coast over and above what is outlined in the Plan,” Cr Rankine said.

Proposed new and enchanced programs include:

  • $6,996,000 for bicycle and shared paths over ten years
  • $586,000 for pedestrian paths over ten years
  • $325,000 for urban street tree planting over ten years
  • $575,000 for sealing approved rural roads over ten years
  • $274,000 for road shoulder car parking over ten years
  • $900,000 for renewal of sealed road verges and drains over ten years
  • $200,000 for renewal of unsealed road verges and drains over ten years
  • $880,000 for linemarking, traffic controls and safety structures over ten years

As part of the Road Management Plan review, Council has also adopted use of the Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM).

Cr Rankine said the manual sets out the design standards for new development in Bass Coast in line with 40 regional Councils across Victoria, but developers or Council are always able to look at variations if they wish.

“Feedback from the IDM group is that all those that have it in use have better and more streamlined outcomes of the development approvals and construction phases of new infrastructure being designed,” Cr Rankine said.

The Road Services Asset Management Plan will be available for examination at Council Service Centres located at Wonthaggi, Cowes, Inverloch or Grantville, and can be viewed on Council’s website at

Any enquiries about the Road Services Asset Management Plan or the Infrastructure Design Manual can be directed to Council’s Infrastructure and Property Team on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or via email at