San Remo,

San Remo Draft Access Strategy

The future of San Remo is under the microscope!  Bass Coast Shire Council is calling on the local community to help develop a strategy to support future growth and improve traffic and pedestrian links in the town. Based on previous consultation and studies, Council has developed a Draft Access Strategy, which contains a number of significant recommendations.

Planning and Environment Director, Hannah Duncan-Jones, said improving access through the internal roads of San Remo and providing good pedestrian routes was a focus of the strategy.

“The strategy aims to provide a long term vision and it does not go into detailed solutions or drawings,” explained Ms Duncan-Jones.
“Some of the proposals have been raised and discussed before, but still need to be considered as part of the overall strategy. We realise that there will be community members who oppose some of the proposals; however it is important that we fully consider all the options and not discount any potential solutions.”

Ms Duncan-Jones stressed that the strategy is a draft document and Council had not made any decision.

"I understand that issues such as the extension of Bonwick Avenue and the proposed East West link will generate heated debate,” said Ms Duncan-Jones.

“There is no easy solution to the access issues facing a growing area like San Remo.  We need to work with the community to find the solution that has the greatest benefit to the majority of residents. It will take time, debate and a lot of discussion; however if we get this right, there will be good access for the future and a well planned base for any future development.”

Ms Duncan-Jones said that feedback from the recent Speak Up Speak Out forums showed that people want long term solutions to issues, rather than short term fixes.

“San Remo is really constrained by its geography and there are limited opportunities to improve access for people,” Ms Duncan-Jones explained. Any decisions on the future of the township need to be based on the best advice possible and a sound understanding of all the issues. For example, ruling out an extension of Bonwick Avenue is a solution in the short term, but we need to consider if it will address the long term pressures San Remo faces.”

You can help with the development of the strategy by making a formal submission before 28 March.  A copy of the Draft Access Strategy is available on our website (  You can also attend one of two community workshops scheduled for March.
The workshops will be held at the San Remo Community Hall on;
• Thursday, 21 March at 7.00pm
• Sunday, 24 March at 1.00pm.

“At these workshops we will be looking at the long term pressures and issues that San Remo is likely to face and possible solutions,” said Ms Duncan-Jones.

“We need to work together to develop a vision and when the report is presented to Council, they will to weigh up all the opinions and select the best way forward. Ultimately, the strategy needs to get the best possible outcome for the majority of people and balance the long term public good over any short term or individual solutions.”

If you would like to attend the information sessions, please register your interest with Stacey Skilton on 1300 BCOAST (226 278) or email